Eleven Constructions is dynamically involved in residential construction and a number of commercial premises, from the issuance of the building permit, until the completion of the project. In Eleven Constructions, we undertake all tasks involving reconstructions, such as repairs, rehabilitation and strengthening of buildings. The company’s engineering team, the experienced technicians and trustful cooperation with our suppliers, ensuring the optimal options for finishing every construction project.

Built around your missions and desires

Construction of Residences

We are able to build your own house, transforming your desires into functional areas, with respect to residential and natural environment. Whether it is a single house or an integrated residential complex, for us, residential constructions always remain a separate creative experience.

Construction of Commercial spaces

We develop every kind of commercial premises with a view to freedom of expression of human activity. Taking into consideration our basic criteria for functionality, productivity and ergonomics, we manufacture professional spaces, restaurants and hotel units that promote the values and objectives of your business. What distinguishes our services is the thorough survey and high quality standards that ensure the best possible outcome for the construction of properties that will serve as a springboard for your professional successes.

why choose us

We guarantee the delivery of the project on an agreed cost, without hidden or unnecessary expenses.

  • We ensure the delivery of the project in certain pre-agreed time, with strict timetables.
  • We undertake the full range of tasks from the architectural concept to completion.  We are able to deliver any project no matter its construction phase.
  • The supervision of work is being carried out daily by our structural associated engineers rather than life-experienced supervisors, ensuring high quality standards to which we are committed.
  • We use safe and eco-friendly materials with respect to humanity and the environment.

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